_ Hello there, my name is joe, and I happen to be a 49 year old Canadian, from the Maritimes. This is only one of the many websites that I have created, most of which are link to this site, or can be found through one of the links on this site. I think that this site is my favourite though, as it is the backbone of my new life mission. This mission is to help others, by taking away the greatest lie that Satan ever had in his favour,,, that he, and God do not exist. I want to prove to this misguided, self-driven, godless secular society that we find ourselves living in, that there is a REAL God. I happen to be talking about the God of the Bible. And I want to prove that He exists, through science and mathematics, two things that are hard factual truths, almost impossible to refute. In one of my sites, I speak of my own personal perspective of an explanation of Who God is, and what He is up to. I will also show you the blessings, of how and why God intervenes in your life. (Romans 8:28)

_ I wish to tear away this naturally evil tendency of mankind, (which is eagerly assisted by the evil spirits all around us), to always find ways to get around the evidence, that there is a real God. I will start off, by telling you a little bit of the His-story of myself, telling you how I came to know God, and how I came to this point in my life. Where I have been able to devote all of my time and efforts, into taking on the seemingly impossible task , of showing the whole world the Truth. This Truth, is the same one that has been staring them right in the face, but their sinful nature, as well as this world system, will not let them see it. I would also like to share with you, a little about what drives me, or maybe I should say Who drives me.

_ I will start more than twenty years ago, when a book changed my life, even though I was resisting it, with every part of my being. This book was called Armageddon, by Grant Jeffrey. Like many others, I have the tendency to want to know the future, for me, as well as this world in general. Math and sciences were the classes that I enjoyed most, and did the best at in school. I also started programming in high school, and took many computer courses in college. This was another subject that I found easy to work with, and great enjoyment in learning. I was always very logical minded, and a sceptic of everything, needing to prove things for myself. So when this book showed me that most of the prophecies of the bible were fulfilled, even right down to the day,,, it got my devoted attention. My sceptical mind, said that sure, they could make the prophecies look to be exact, after they had occurred. So while I was thinking of how I could find copies of the bible books, dated before the prophecies were fulfilled, I found the solution. It was the prophecy about Jesus entering, or should I say His law about giving a second chance, after a set amount of time. I was amazed, to find out this prophecy predicted Israel's rebirth,,, right down to the very day, May 14, 1948.

_ I fought with the logic of what this was telling me,,, or to be more accurate, screaming in my head. It took me two or three days, of wrestling with the logic, and succumbing to my deepest wishes, and heartfelt hopes, for there to actually be a Real God. Someone that looked out for us, (Romans 8:28) Someone that promises real justice, as well as, there being a life after death,,, yessssssssssssssssss. Everything in this world suddenly made sense, and there was a logic in all things that happened to me, as well as the rest of the world. I merely have to read His Word, and find His Laws, Rules and Ways, of dealing with man and his disobedience. My life took on new meaning,

_ Then, late one night in the summer of 1996, my life was in for a significant change. I was in an automobile accident, which paralyzed me, and though it might be hard to believe, that was not the worst of it. My life took a serious step backwards that night, or maybe it was sideways. The only thing I'm sure of is that it definitely changed,,, dramatically. I feel that I should state right off, that my faith in Jesus, and the determination that a belief in a Father, which looks out for His children,(Romans 8:28) was all that kept me going through it all. That, along with how He always inspires us to (never give up). These were the things that brought me through this tragedy. I guess that motto, to (never give up), is one that should be used by all Christians, all disabled people, and yes, I wish that even the whole world.

_ I surely lost a lot that night, and not only the use of my legs and trunk muscles, (sitting balance),,, but the ability to earn a living for myself. I lost most all of my dexterity, hand  steadiness, and ability manipulate things well with my hands. This was rather significant for me, as not only did I enjoy tinkering with most everything, and in the process, learning how they worked,,, lol. I also had the great enjoyment, of drawing real things freehand, as well as what was only in my imagination. Now, I have a hard time signing my name, as my hand writing looks so bad, it is as if I were a doctor,,, lol. I even lost the means of being able to fully take care of myself, as in: I now need assistance to do a few things. But I work hard, most every day, to gain these things back, or find alternatives, and try to remedy these hindrances.

_ In the accident, I guess that I even died twice, or I guess I should more correctly say, that my heart stopped,,, It stopped once in the ambulance, and then again at the hospital. But thankfully, my Father did not choose to take me Home at that time, and they were able to resuscitate me both times. Then I guess they wrote me off as a lost cause, when they first thought that I was brain dead, and that I would probably stay a vegetable, or close to it, for the rest of my days here on earth. They ask my family, my brother specifically, if the family wanted the hospital to turn the machines off, the ones that were keeping me alive!!! Thankfully I came around, and started showing improvement, about this time. My brother was thankful, for getting a chance to give me both barrels,,, lol. He later told me how he knew that I was still inside that battered body. He said that he saw something in my face, that he had never saw before,,, FEAR !!!

_ The best way that I know of showing my brother thanks was to introduce him to God the Father, and Christ, our only doorway to the Father and Heaven. That way he would gain eternal life, with a loving God. But he, like most other people that I meet, will have none of that (crazy talk). Satan is surely the god of this world, (II Cor 4:4)- (the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not), spreading his lies everywhere, in our schools, media, and all types of entertainment. Lies like when we die that is it, it is all over, your body just rots away, and you become nothing,,, Or even better, you come back again, and again,,, reincarnation was one his first lies,,, (ye shall not surely die)- (Gen 3:4). But the truth is, we all can die, and this is only the end of the beginning. The beginning of the rest of eternity,,, as in FOREVER !!!

_ Sorry to have to break this to you, but we do not get any choice, once born, we all live forever. The only question open to us is, where do we want to go,,, and with Whom do we want to spend our eternity with. This choice has only two sides to choose from. Either to live with God, and by His rules, where He runs everything, and is constantly looking out for us. A place where we are promised to have the possibilities of learning new things, every day, for all eternity,,, Or you can do what most people choose to do, live without God,,, with no set laws, and Satan is the ruler. Where there is no one on your side, no one to protect you, and everyone has to fend for themselves. I do not know about you, but I would rather live in a place where there was real justice, even if that meant that I had to live by His rules, and would feel punishment, if I were the one in the wrong. That sounds better to me, than being able to do what ever I wanted, in a place where there was no rules, and everybody else could do what ever they wanted to do, to me.

_ Now back to my story,,, As for me, I was not out of the woods yet. I had to go through all of the upgrades from: brain dead, to severely brain damaged, to just moderately brain damaged and probably unable to gain things back, or learn new things. And finally to just brain damage, which I have always been told,,, lol. Now I'm going to college part time, taking Information Technology, and doing quite well even. I was so thankful, that I He left me with most of my mind skills, most all of my past memories, but mostly for all of my great love for life,,, and for Him. I often thank God, that I had my faith before the accident, as it helped me immensely, in dealing with my change of my living conditions. I was recently thinking, about how that my faith has played a big part in helping me accept, and deal with the things caused by my injuries. I cannot see how I did not asked Him to take me home to heaven, and not choose staying here on earth. But then again, people have always told me that I never was all that bright,,, lol.

_ I have since thought, that maybe I should use the brains, which He has blessed me with, to do something for Him. I should say, the brains that I have retained, after my last accident, as I lost a lot of my mind skills. Along with loosing most all of my short trem memory, I lost one whole year of long-term memory, including six months before and six months after the accident . I want to use logic, to help bring His Word to this godless world. This is the world that we call our (modern secular society). He says that He wrote His Signature on all of creation, which is everything. I believe that it is time for His children to show how, and where He displays His Signature. I pray that He will bless me, with the ability to play a part in this choir. The Lord has His timing for everything though, and I can only hope that His timing is soon. I hope that I can assist Him, in bringing a new Light to this world,,, showing how His Word is Truth. I want to prove that He exist, how His Will is only for our benefit, and how His handwriting is on all of His creation,,, including us.
(The DNA content in the simplest cell in our body, has the same amount of information in it, as all the 16 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica,,, 3 times over) 

_ I lost one whole year of my life, as in, it blanked out a small chunk of my long-term memory. Six months prior to the accident, and six months following the accident, have never came back to me. Although I sometimes think that was a blessing too, as I guess I was not exactly a nice character, right after the accident. I guess that was because I did not like being in the predicament that I was in, and I took it out on the people closest to me: my care workers, my friends and family. Which, believe it or not, was not my usual way, as I can usually be a very polite person. I also lost most all of my short-term memory, and even some of my higher cognitive abilities, like the ability of multi tasking. Multitasking was a trick that usually kept me more on the ball, when conversing with others, so that I could gauge how they were handling what I was saying, and then adjust my delivery and content, to accommodate their reactions. Now I would rather use writing, as my short-term memory is so bad,,, I can even forget what I'm talking about,,, right in the middle of a sentence,,, lol. Now that is pretty bad,,,,,, eh.

_ I also lost some things that were more on the enjoyment side of life, which includes everything from: eating all solid food, now makes me feel nauseous - (at least I don't have to worry about weight gain, lol). I miss the ability to be self sufficient and truly independent,,, which put a needed dent in my pride, as I thought that I could handle anything. And worst of all, was losing my ability to dreamscape, (knowing that you are dreaming, and having complete control over the dream). That was something that was probably a good thing to lose though, as I use to look forward to sleep, sometimes preferring it to the real world. I think that maybe He thought, that I was stretching the boundaries a little too much. No, not me, I don't try to stretch boundaries,,, lol. I use to get away with far too much, just because I knew it was a dream. But even our thoughts can count as sin.(sorry, I forget the verse)

_ One of the things that I'm thankful that I did not loose, was my knowledge and my love of the Lord. Which I was sooo,,, thankful for, as the Holy Spirit started comforting me soon as soon as I came back to my senses. He is so great, loving, and compassionate, that He helped me through it all. I cannot even start, trying to explain the feeling of loss, confusion, pain, sadness and remorse, that went though my head, that morning, when my sense of being came fully back into my body.  I did not loose any of my past memories, except for the missing year surrounding the accident. I think that He lets me remember more parts of the missing year, as time goes by, as He strengthens me enough to handle the memories. I already can remember how + why the accident happened. I feel asleep, after being well warned, (nodding off) twice. Pretty stupid eh,,,,,,,,.

_ There is another pretty strange happening, right after the accident, which I (think) that I can remember. I say (think) because it is so amazing, and unbelievable, even for me, I would consider that it may have been a dream. This I suspect happened when I died, because I seem to have little memory shards of being in heaven, and asking if, or being told, I had a choice to go back, if I wished. This is the part where I feel it must have been a dream: I was so bold that I bargained with someone, I say someone, as I do not think I ever saw a face, just heard it relayed to me by someone. I may have even heard a Voice,,, One that was indescribable,,, like it was formed out of many voices. Anyway, I actually asked if I were to go back, could I get a chance to show my family and friends, their need to accept Christ in their hearts.  I got a yes, but I think that I was told, that I would not have everything back the way it was. Then there was the part I remember showing up again, and actually complaining, asking why I had returned. I was confused, as I had thought that we had already decided, that I was to go back to earth,,, lol. I found out later, that I had died twice.

_ Now I know that I have always tended to be outspoken, and very determined to get things my way, but this was God, and I find it hard to believe, that even I, could be so bold, or stunned ,,, lol. Now, I hope that maybe I will get a chance to help, not only my friends and family, but many others to realize that there is a real God, and that He is a loving God, wanting all people to come to Him. I want to prove to all the false religions, that Jesus is the only Doorway into heaven. That believing in Him, and what He did for us, is the key, to the only door into heaven.

_ I can only hope and pray, that it was not a dream, and that I will get the chance to make a difference. I want to do so much for Him, for all that He has done for me, and for all my fellow man, (including the ones with (wo) in front,,, lol). <<< My mom was the perfect example of what women were capable of,,, including the ability to love beyond measure. As I put her though more than anyone should have to handle. Yet she always helped me, and displayed soooo much love for me.>>>

_ One good thing that the accident has done to improve me, is that it has put a needed dent into my pride, I hope,,, lol. I was proud of all the gifts that the Good Lord had blessed me with, and wanted to help by showing them to others, to see if they could use them. I was over confident with my abilities to be totally independent and self-sufficient. If it were not for my faith in the Lord God Almighty, I cannot see myself making it through all of the troubles that I've seen. Thankfully I accepted Jesus in the late 80s, before the two accidents, that changed my life dramatically, first was the motorcycle one, that left me in so much pain, and then there was the last one, that temporarily took away all of my pain, but also took away the use of my legs, and some of the higher functions of my brain.

_ I cannot imagine surviving the dramatic changes in my life without Him. I don't think that I would have made it this far, as I might have just given up on life, secluded myself away, and wallowed in self-pity. I don't like to admit it, but I was never one for dealing with second best. I think, as I was growing up, that I was more than a little superficial; always felling that I had to be in the running for the lead position, or why I figure, even enter the contest. But now I'm content, that I have my days to read, and work on discovering the power to defeat sin, in His Word. I can also enjoy spending my time, trying to find ways to better teach others, about our Father which art in heaven, and our inability to have a relationship with Him, because of sin. I feel a powerful need,,, to point to Jesus, and His atoning sacrifice, that is given freely, to all that want to start a relationship with God the Father. I say start,,, because even after a million years, of learning the many good things about Him,,, we will still only be scratching the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to all that we shall learn about our God, throughout eternity.

_ This accident surely brought me back to the reality of this earth; I even had to prove my competency, to get out of the nursing home, where they first put me. I was in the hospital, waiting for funding, to get into an apartment like most people, for about 6 months. I think that it was because of my lack of short-term memory, that was the reason that they had for me living there, which they were equating with competency. So I did some investigative checking on the web, and competency starts at 85, and that was the number I had to beat. I don't think that I had ever taken an IQ test before my brain injury, but I surely passed it since the accident, with no problem. I have since taken a few IQ tests, to see if I still had the biological software and hardware, to build and use the needed weapons and armor, needed for the spiritual warfare, which I was thinking of getting myself into. I would have to agree, they were gifts from the Creator, gifts that I now wished to share, and use more for His purposes.

_ I was surely surprised, but even more pleased, that I might still be able to use this mind, which the Creator blessed me with, for some good purposes. What I did first, was become One_Christian_Warrior, in many forums; just (one) of many more, I hope. Maybe you will hear of my battles on the web, as I hear that the word is, us Christians are simple, and not usually very intelligent. I guess they think that we all must be dumb, just taking the (easy way out), by accepting this so called (myth), of there actually being a Creator. One Who wishes to teach us everything, everything that we can handle. I believe that this is so we will be more like Him, and get to mutually enjoy each others company throughout eternity. This means that we will get to learn something new every day, for all eternity: yes He knows that much. Now that is Someone who I shall enjoy having as my Teacher. This is one simple Christian that has an IQ of 165,,, so who knows, maybe I will be able to show a few of the intellectuals, the logic of taking the (easy way out), (Obadiah 1:3), by showing His Signature in all things, (I will find verse), and thereby gaining a few more Christian Warriors,,, lol.

_ I do not know about you, but even though I have lots that I still want to do on this earth, I wish Him to return today. This is not only to receive my new glorified body, as He promise that we would get new bodies like His, (1st John 3:2 + Romans 6:4), which not only can walk, but also walk through closed doors, (John 20:19). Somewhere I even heard that all Christians before, and that are blessed to go in the rapture, would be able to move so fast, that we could move anywhere's in the universe, as fast as we can think it. I'm sorry that I cannot remember where, but I will attempt to recover that info. Even though I would like to have the time to bring all my friends and family to the realization of their need to accept Jesus into their hearts, I wish Jesus would return now, to remove all those saints who are on the real front lines, getting maimed and killed for their faith. I don't like to think of others suffering, especially when they are family, my brothers + sisters in Christ. So I'm doing my part in bringing Mathew 24:14 to come to pass, which states (this gospel of the kingdom  shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come). The (end) talked about here is not the end of the world, but the end of the (age), the Christian age, and then Jesus will return. This earth and us humans, are promised to go on forever, and ever. (Isaiah 45:17, Ephesians 3:21 + many others)

May God show you the Truth,
                           Joe Christian

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